BALANCE DRUID Rotation Addon [Legion v7.2.5 updated July 2017]

UPDATED: 23-06-2017 v7.2.5 This addon shows you the optimal dynamic dps rotation by showing you icons in a particular order, adjusted to the situation you create. It’s extremely close to flawless and considered the cutting edge in rotation addons, bypassing all others. It’s continuously adjusted to the latest research and changes on icy veins. Rating: […]

World of Warcraft Legion #23: Heirloomy Hordy – szybsze expienie :) (Minimalista / Gameplay PL)

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World of Warcraft – Tomb of Sargeras Raid – Kil’jaeden Hunting!

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WOW Solo Queue Addon BETA Testing HMMM

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Warcraft Wednesdays w/ Rythian! – 8th February 2017

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World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King [OST] – #09 Mountains of Thunder

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