Will WoW ever have paid Loot Boxes? I explain why it’s probably a no – World of Warcraft

Loot Boxes are the current fear around the gaming world. Using my limited understanding of the business side of gaming, I cite examples of recent and familiar monetization systems as to why, in my opinion, loot boxes won’t come to WoW anytime soon. Unless they want to shoot themselves in the foot that is.

This question has already been addressed in a recent Blizzcon interview. But with the recent talk within the industry about loot boxes and how this topic is bound to come up again, this is a good spot to at least have a discussion.

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19 thoughts on “Will WoW ever have paid Loot Boxes? I explain why it’s probably a no – World of Warcraft

  1. It might have something to do with WoW being the ONLY real successful MMO out there and the rest that engage in that horseshit sucking and dying.

    Smart games copy the success of WoW. WoW, does NOT copy the FAILURE of inferior games.

    Paid loot boxes are something you see in the worst games. Only the tolerance for botting ranks lower is quality of a game. Which is no joke. Aion, once upon a time became the ONLY real competitor WoW ever had. Then the bots came. The player base told the devs, straight up….get rid of the bots….or else.

    They refused. Although few MMO actually die, Aion is a third rate shadow of what it once was, left far behind by WoW and most of the devs who arrogantly refused to do their jobs are blackballed from the industry and now work mopping floors at Burger King.

    When I, the customer, add an "or else" to something like this, you the employee better fucking take it seriously. And this is hardly an isolated incident. Most MMO and other games that lose money, could easily have avoided it by listening to the customer base which seems to have to scream to get itself heard. We have the cash, duh? Please us or you get none.

  2. They go with the loot boxes I'm done with WoW after 12 years, it will be the end of it's status as #1 and more like all those other MMO's that began with a pay to win model.

  3. If theyre interested in something like this, they should look at LOTRO's model for random gifts awarded in-game for subscribers. Just have cosmetic stuff in them that doesn't affect gameplay like ransmog appearances or cosmetic glyphs

  4. Cosmetic only loot boxes will be in WoW sooner or later…for real $$$ AND gold, however – just like every other recent Blizzard game. In fact loot boxes for gold could actually be a pretty effective gold sink…BMAH unclaimed containers cranked to 11.

  5. I might be ashamed to admit, I've been paying my subscription with the token since it launched and haven't missed a month since. The price of the token keeps getting higher and higher. I've had lulls in my play time within the 6 months and lately, all of my gold has been dumped into the token. I'm living payment to payment. I was unemployed through most of Warlord's, but lately, paying the subscription with money wouldn't be a problem. I just don't know if I want to. WoW has basically been a free game for me. I'm getting back into it, and now I can afford the gold to pay for the token again.

    I'm completely torn. I just don't know if I should subscribe or use the token.

    On the one hand, it's my money and I value saving it when I can. I don't mind the gold grind, it makes it more of a game for me.

    On the other hand, I know I'm feeding Blizzard more money by using someone else's money. There are some things I'd like to buy in the game lately, but because of the token, I've been waiting and saving up until I can buy them, but the price of the token is the highest it's ever been.

    I have the gold for next month and I've been arguing this in my head for weeks. I still haven't done it yet, which means I think I'm leaning towards saving my real money if I can potentially keep my hobbies out of it. Perhaps living without a job for as long as I have has me valuing my money more than most people.

  6. Well, today we see what Game Devs will do when there is a massively negative player reaction to blatent monitizing aka loot boxes. Star Wars has backed down and moaned " Mea Culpae."

  7. i feel that loot box on wow can be a thing if the box only gives trasmog gear and pets and maybe glyphs that only change skill colors and looks. in that way i really don’t mind it

  8. WoW is about the only mainstream MMO at this point that doesn't. ESO and GW2 both do it. Blizzard is the one who really started pushing them. Its not a matter of if, but when in my eyes

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