Improved Models for Vanilla WoW

Improved Models for Vanilla WoW

Hi guys, after a few request I decided to show you how you can bring a little light to the old vanilla game by changing the models in game.

The download link:

From the Designer Uthil:

“Welcome to World of Warcraft Improved Models mod. Azeroth new reborn state which adds a new view and more enjoyable gameplay with the update models version of the game. My point was to update the game as much as i could with the new models introduced in the latest game expansions and replace those old crusty models of the past without ruining the feel of old classic wow.

How to install:

Download first all 9 parts, its in a compressed rar file,
Put it where ever you like and extract it so it will give you the patch file,
Move the file under Data Warcraft folder, I.e : [C:WoW game folderData ],
Delete your WDB cache folder [its good to delete often]

Also i want to add that in case you notice something weird in the models please make a screenshot and post it so i can fix it fast. I have test the mod with much detail but might happen to missed something, so posting it will help to make a quick fix. Also bare in mind since the mod is now kinda big, DONT try to make sadden moves, like fast click logins or logouts or quick character screen change, that might cause a crash with memory error, after all is vanilla and im glad that can handle so many changes!

So here we are after a long journey that finally ends. I enjoy that trip to newly modding ground as WoW offers. I want to thanks to many modders here in the modeling community that help me to overpass many weird things as also to learn many new things in the area of wow modding. Also want to thank in advance Koward for his awesome work in his tool. Many thanks to Nanoxo,Mumblz, Finsternis for their additions in the texture area as also Exonis for some model fix additions to the BETA and Magnifican for the last final tests and suggestions.

That’s all, enjoy Azeroth to its new look and feel!”

Now this made my experience more enjoyable, I hope it does that for you to.


Please use this at your own risk, some servers might not agree with this, please ask the GM;s or ask on FORUMS!!!


If you use this and you find it great, as I do… You can support Uthil by making a donation to his paypal link which is linked at the bottom of the page from where you made the download.

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and to all of you who supported this channel so far!

World of Warcraft Classic


In the future I might stream some new games as they come up eg: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Ashes of Creation, Dauntless and so on.



46 thoughts on “Improved Models for Vanilla WoW

  1. Tested merging the model edits to the patch 2 MPQ on Elysium and so far not banned. Could just be getting lucky but doing this also worked back in Nostalrius so maybe they are using the same anti-cheat.

    (If you don't know what that means or don't know how to do it then do not attempt it. Not only risk getting banned but ruining your install if you forget to back it up.)

  2. Ok I got it to work but you're not showing us how to make all those files into 1 .MPQ file. I can't even remember how i did it playing around with winrar. Wow what a stupid program to be THAT difficult on trying to figure out how to merge files. Why doesn't the web site just HOst the finished MPQ it self? IN any case There is one MINOR bug. When hovering over certain items it will add a line "Races: Human, Orc, Dwarf…." This makes the item description box Huge and annoying. Any thoughts on what is causing this?

  3. It doesn't work. First off the 4 (no longer 9) files are not win.rar files. I placed them in the "wow/Data" folder and started the game. Nothing is different. Good try though! I'm gonna check out that WoD model update mod someone linked down below.

  4. I like to texture edit the crafting nodes to bright pink in order to find them easier on the map. really a great way to play. Don't be a cuck, they don't know how to detect anything in their mess of a private server. Just because they can host a server does not mean they actually made the server software.

  5. you know.. people that say older looks are better are just lying themselves.

    Here is my thought on it. I recently tried Revelation Online, as it went OB. Game is shit, but the bloody graphics are good. And trust me, I unistalled it and went straight back to Anathema (realm on Elysium). I actually traveled 12 years back into gaming timeline and started playing, what's imo, best MMORPG ever made.

    However, my love for the game doesn't come from it's SHIT GRAPHICS! Yes, you vanilla wow fanboys, our beloved game has SHIT GRAPHICS. Now when someone found a way to make it a bit, a fucking TINY BIT better, we start to bitch about it.

    Vanilla wow spirit lies in it's gameplay, not graphics.

  6. i still like to know what wow editor to use for vanilla. for some strange reason it cant read all the models. and its pretty hard to re design cause the output format is m2. as far as i know ive only been able to find a max plugin that can read those.

  7. Hey Frostadamus and folks, im Zerocool owner of the mod, i like to thank you for making a showoff and tut on how to do it. I had plan a presentation tho since im kinda occupied in RL plus working the Armors/Weapons patch i dont have much time to create a small Video Tut on HOW TO do it plus also a showoff. Also since i saw you had those weird effects on your UD screen, you can fix that by having Vertex Animation Shaders checked and Anisotropic Filtering slide bar to max. The mod was created in maximum settings. Cheers and thank you again for the showoff. Zero/Uthil out!!

  8. sure its not game advantage or anything like that but u take away some of what vanilla stands for and then by supporting this should give you no rights to play vanilla…. if this is first time u play vanilla and download this model changer then holy fuck get out of here.

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