Bite Sized WoW News – World PvP Fixes, WoW’s 13th Anniversary

-BG weekly event
-PvP Brawl Deep Six
-WoW’s 13th Anniversary
-Before the Storm Book
-World PvP Fixes

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35 thoughts on “Bite Sized WoW News – World PvP Fixes, WoW’s 13th Anniversary

  1. Yo, ur turkey picture is like the nicest picture I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t tell if it was a drawing or real 😉

    Nice vid btw though! Some day you’ll reach 1 mil subs, idk how tf u have this many.. this man needs more, MORE!

  2. Good episode! Sounds like Hiruma doesn't like PvP though
    The world quests are good for some honor, but if you want to push for some of the nice courser mounts and titles you probably will never be able to get after legion ends, the BG event is a great way to farm honor! It's good to at least get your daily win! and when theres a pvp brawl, it's good to get a daily win in that as well! With both of those you'll get like 1,250-2,000 honor-, then you can get another 1,000-1,500 from world quests!

  3. I was hoping for Ion to come on stage at BlizzCon and do his thing.
    And then he goes "So, some people have figured out that we drop a new patch every eleven weeks. Now you're asking yourself when we'll get Battle For Azeroth. Just ask the people I mentioned before" or something like that. But if it really takes another year for it to release I'll won't be truly happy for at least a year and my brain will remind me in the middle of school "Hey. HEY! Did you forget that Battle For Azeroth was a thing?"

  4. whats funny is tht shuriken storm never really 1 shoted unless u hit ppl with like 905 ilvl and below which is kinda low this far into the game , what they should've nerf was Fan Of Knives now tht shit hits for like 5m+ so fun using it in the underbelly and stormwind xD

  5. A years worth on content draught? I think and hope that's very unlikely. I'm hoping for a late spring or early summer at the latest. Still that's over 6 months of no new content. Might be a good time to unsub and play some other games for a bit.

  6. I've been waiting for this World PvP fix for a long time. Legion is literally the first time in years that there has been an actual incentive to go into the world and PvP. Unfortunately… Whoever the hell was scaling World PvP damage just thought it was a good idea to crank it all the way through the roof and it just turned into a "I one shot you, you one shot me, unless you're a tank in which case you one shot everyone and are invincible" It wasn't World PvP, it was just as if everyone was a quest mob to each other. As PvP is about 90% of the reason I play WoW, it honestly made me rage harder at the game than I ever did in my entire life.

  7. Honestly I doubt it's the horde at all that burns it, not a single one of these major wars didn't have a third party causing it. It's possible the horde did it but with the pattern they've done I doubt it.

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