Beyond the Sanctum: Blizzcon 2017 Developer Interview

Welcome to the first episode of (name pending) Beyond the Sanctum, a new format where we’ll feature World of Warcraft news coverage, book reviews, developer and author interviews and more!

Our first segment in this new format features our Blizzcon 2017 Interview with Alex Afrasiabi and Shani Edwards from the World of Warcraft team! Dive in as we ask a whole assortment of questions concerning the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth!

Starring Alex Afrasiabi and Shani Edwards

Interviewed by Jesse O’Connor

Filmed by Jeffrey Cuiper

Supervised by PR representative Sean Molloy

Special thanks to the PR team and J Kartje for setting us up with our Developer Interview!

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Special thanks to the authors and artists of “World of Warcraft Chronicle” for the awesome new lore, amazing artwork and exciting implications for Warcrafts story.

Artwork, music and models are the property of Blizzard Entertainment unless otherwise specified.

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28 thoughts on “Beyond the Sanctum: Blizzcon 2017 Developer Interview

  1. Meh… idk about these questions being good.
    A lot of these were asked by others, and many of the developer responses were reiterated many times. Granted, you couldn't know this ahead of time during the interview, so it's not necessarily your fault.
    Interesting video regardless. I'm still jealous of that deep sultry voice 😛

  2. FUCKING YES. You asked fantastic questions – perfect for us lore nerds. I'm excited to see this new segment of dev interviews because as much as I love lore, I also love learning about everything related to WoW, including dev decisions behind it. Great interview, and definitely keep them coming.

  3. Great interview Jesse! I really liked the fact that you focused not just on the content we are getting, but what went behind the scenes to make that content, specially the art department.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Loved this. Personally I can't wait to see the continuation of the Nightborne story and why they chose to join the Horde. From the minute I saw the announcement for the allied races I've resigned myself to roll and main a Nightborne Mage when the time comes. xD
    I'd also honestly be surprised if the Vrykul don't end up being a future allied race.

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