WOW! Matthew McConaughey Just ENRAGED Hollywood and Gave the PERFECT Response

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Jared Kushner Used Private Email In Trump Administration
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President Trump Rally in Huntsville, Alabama
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President Trump Addresses UN General Assembly
President Trump Speaks at United Nations Meeting
Paul Manafort wiretapped by FBI
Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort ‘wiretapped by FBI
President Trump DACA Decision Announcement
Trump Tax Reform Speech
President Trump Deliver Tax Reform Speech In Springfield, Missouri
President Trump visits Texas after Harvey
President Trump Pardons Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Trump pardons Joe Arpaio
Sebastian Gorka resigns from White House
Latest updates on Hurricane Harvey
Trump UN meeting
President Trump Addresses The Nation
Steve Bannon fired as chief White House strategist
Steve Bannon Fired from Trump’s White House
Hurricane Harvey Live
White House press briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Trump ends DACA
Trump vs. Mitch McConnell
Trump Promises “Fire And Fury”
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Stephen Miller VS Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta vs Stephen Miller heated argument on Immigration
Stephen Miller Destroys CNN Jim Acosta At White House Press Briefing on Immigration 9/26/17
Anthony Scaramucci Fired
Reince Priebus fired, will be replaced by John Kelly
Trump Replaces Reince Priebus With John F. Kelly as Chief of Staff
Trump Announces John F. Kelly as Chief of Staff
Transgender military ban
Trump Transgender Military Ban
Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary
Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions Over Recusal Decision
Donald Trump Jeff Session new New York Times interview
Senate committee to call on Donald Trump Jr to testify on Russian email scandal
Donald Trump Jr emails show Russia communication
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Trump meets with Putin – Trump Putin Meeting, G9 Summit
Trump tweet on Mika Brzezinski
Sarah Sanders SLAMS CNN FAKE NEWS MEDIA at Sean Spicer Press Briefing 9/26/17 TRUMP NEWS

Senator John McCain
Donald Trump Jr. testify
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Trump vs Mika Brzezinsk
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Robert Mueller

Tucker Carlson Tonight , Sanctuary city, White House News

Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 9/26/2017 GOP Health Care Bill Pulled, Trump Surveillance, Devin Nunes
President Donald Trump Was SURVEILLED!
Devin Nunes Confirms Surevillance Of Trump Transition team
Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 9/26/2017 Donald Trump News Today, Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS – Judge Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Justice with Judge Jeanine 9/26/17
Paris Climate Accord
Russia connection
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Trump New Immigration Order
Trump Congress speech
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Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro 9/26/17 Fox News, James Comey testimony, Russia, President Trump News Today, Jared Kushner, Russia Leaks – Breaking News, Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 9/26/17 College Campus Craziness, Trump, Russia connection, Comey, Climate Showdown – Sean Hannity 9/26/17 – Lou Dobbs Tonight 9/26/17 – Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 9/26/17


28 thoughts on “WOW! Matthew McConaughey Just ENRAGED Hollywood and Gave the PERFECT Response

  1. Fucking Actors,boo hoo,you people are so stupid,Trump has zero blood on his hands,but the Clintons have tons of it,and you want to talk about sexism,just take a look at the Clintons history into secret child sex,and the list goes on.Fools the lot of you.

  2. Dude: would you please do at least one read-through, before recording?  It seems like you're trying to sound out every other word, which undermines your credibility.  And tell me (if you can): WTF does "And, it's very dynamic and as divisive as an Inauguration and time as we've had" mean?  Thanks.

  3. I knew it . . .
    . . . in the spirit of "truth abiding" character in True Detective . . . Mat Spoke his brains frankly , as an adult/or dad or as a role figure should do. . . at this precise moment in History (so risky for his career to do this in a Hollywoodswamp sweetened with crocodile tears but poisoned with Hard Liberal hatred ) A MAN IS SPEAKING SENS facing the zombie-followers. . .foaming at the mouth. . . ready to bite . . . . Something about ObbyThe ex-Pres. . .I think he's directly responsible for this chaos . . . ,and the choice of a wrong Hillary to oppose Donnie the Patriotmissile ?Who can believe this was a mistake . . . Does Obama want his wife to be like emergency/appointed right after a civil war or bloody riots has made America tremble ?,?, ?Sometimes . . . the supposedly GOOD Leaders could be the ones to create a real Plague only to be called again as THE Saviour of the freeWorld. . . Let's see.. . . and Iwant to know more about Jared the Trump's son in Law . . . A man to follow. . .

  4. TDS is a serious condition. We should replace all these medical centers who treat people with PTSD, and save our precious and fragile snowflakes and give them treatment to their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Because curing their 'feewings' is more important


    The above video interview with Charley Rose of an EX-KGB agent defector in 1985, explains where the neo-Marxist politically correct cultural relativism came from in the 1950ies and 1960ies, which had now come to a final stage during 2016 elections. People who do not know history of USA and history of Communism and Islam, two totalitarian, supremacist, apartheid and imperialistic IDEOLOGIES, do not believe TRUTH but believe clever lies sold to them as "truth".

    Everybody should read Koran, Hadith and Sira-life of Mohamed and history of Islam ( to understand why most of the 30,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11/2001 were committed by Muslims who are now invading Europe, Australia and Americas, after destroying their 56 corrupt, dysfunctional, and overpopulated Muslims occupied countries with their sharia, which is incompatible with good life of Liberty, justice and human rights.

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