[SPOILERS] Legion Ending! WoW 8.0 Thoughts?


What will happen at the end of legion? SPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE TY


20 thoughts on “[SPOILERS] Legion Ending! WoW 8.0 Thoughts?

  1. I would like to see them get rid of Arti weapons to much of a grind. It would be nice to see them make professions mean something. Professions in demand for Blacksmiths, Jewel crafting ETC. World quests over all lands old and new. Mythical dungeons for all old and new dungeons. Think about it a Mythical Dead mines!

  2. I hate silithis. Worst region ever. EVER. Wow is finally dead unless they really change something. They fukd up legion so much I didn’t even play. I guess Khadgar will still lick our balls since he is calling us Champion! Wow is a single player game now.

  3. My thoughts, the power of Azeroth, the arcane essence leaking from the wound, is going to help the old gods break free of their prisons. So we're going to see much more activity from their creations. Faceless Ones running wild, Silithid swarming, and Naga rising from the seas. Maybe the Mantid will come back into play, but their creator is 100% gone now, (Sha of Anger doesn't count, that was MoP, he stays in MoP.) So we will be taking up defenses all over, fighting them back.
    Sounds great at least as the pre-expansion event. Kind of like the Pre-Legion event where you had to go to certain zones and defend against the invasions.

    As for in the actual expansion, too much to put out there really. Think we're going to go looking for Jaina in Kul'Tiras, but she's not their leader. She's been MIA on them for 10… 15 years? Even longer if you count the time studying in Dalaran. Why looking for her? She's still technically on the Council of Six, they didn't kick her out, she just left. Khadgar took leadership temporarily because he has more knowledge of demons and what they're capable of. That's probably an over all leveling arc.

    Raid wise, we go into the Old Gods actual prisons, not the buildings and temples that were built over them, but actually deep down where their bodies are shackled to the planet and powers contained. We wont kill them, but make them inert. Or we do kill them, but with the last one, N'zoth, we end up waking Azeroth up, or she starts waking up.

    Azshara will be there, Silithid Hive Queen, all these things. Mind is now running a mile a minute and can't type that fast! Gah! collapses from rambling

  4. 1. Create ur own weapon
    2. Boats, pls pls boats
    3. Cluescrolls/treasure trails. Imagen, sailing around and u find a note in a bottle that contains a clue that leads to another clue and at the end u find a treasure that can contain gold, loot or AP

  5. What if in the end of the next expansion they have Azeroth die, and we all have to move to a new planet?? This would be the perfect time to introduce many new bad guys and allow them to build the game in a new engine since essentially we would not be able to revisit any old zones since they would be destroyed and our gateways to outland/draenor would be cut off as well.

  6. Storywise, I figure that the immediate focus will be upon finding a way to "heal" the Silithus wound. And, I do agree that this would be an ideal time for the Old Gods (& even Void Lords) make a more obvious power play. Could the McGuffin required to "heal" Azeroth be found among the Naaru, or beings more powerful? Or something comprable to the Void Lords to aid the denizens of Azeroth in closing the wounded heart? It will be interesting to see how the story will unfold in the next expansion.

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