Mage Tower Challenge: Destruction Warlock

My boots weren’t mogged ;~;

I was third destro lock world wide to complete the challenge. First server wide.     (Before patch 7.2.5, our rework)         (Weakauras below)

The biggest tip I can give is to fear Tugar mid earthquake cast- before the eggs fall; stalactites will still fall from the ceiling, so dropping worm DR stacks won’t be an issue, and you won’t have to deal with any extra adds. Fearing or stunning the worm interrupts his screech, but I would only recommend doing so after Tugar is already dead. (I take mortal coil instead of shadowfury because of the instant cast and heal, however both work)

You can either use the GrimServ felhunter to interrupt Fel blast, when you have everything else on CD, or fear him- I feared him so I could GrimServ the imp for extra damage (my interrupt rotation was felhunter, mortal coil, felhunter, fear, then repeat). Halfway through killing the worm, I realized that it’s pointless to continue using the felhunter since he can’t be interrupted normally. After Tugar is dead, switch to your imp to down the worm faster- you’ll get an extra mini-heal from command demon, and you’ll be doing more damage.

My furthest raid progression as of this video is 10/10 heroic Nighthold.

If you didn’t check at the end of the video (everything is there), my equipped iLvl is 898, my talents are 1123121, and my legendaries are the belt and sephuz (the proc is godly for this fight)

I should have taken Soul Conduit instead of Wreak Havoc- it probably wasn’t worth taking WR since I had to solo kill worm at around 50% anyways, and he isn’t a threat at all, but if you still want, you can take WR for the extra shard gen, and the little extra damage on the worm.

Since people have asked, here are my WAs (they work best with a 1920×1080 monitor):
Item Procs (Trinkets, Legendaries, etc):
Warlock Specific timers:
Soul shard tracker (needs its own group):

Good luck to everyone putting in more attempts ^-^

(Sorry for the poor quality, the video editor I used is shitty and doesn’t render well without money)


39 thoughts on “Mage Tower Challenge: Destruction Warlock

  1. Im 100% sure you cheated since blizzard doesnt allow addons to auto target and cast for you….piece of shit. You didnt ONCE target the worm and yet you have havoc on it each time its up…go figure. Fucking cheat.

  2. I don't know why people are so up in arms about iMoo telling us that he was the 3rd… it doesn't really matter… he could be 30th 3000th… etc
    What counts is the fact that he showed us how he did it.

  3. LOL I can't believe people are claiming to be first world and shit. theirs no way in fucking hell you would know that it's just a dumb ass claim. I think we need to get a forum going where everyone shares screenshots of when they got their achieve

  4. I'm 885 ilvl, and I managed to kill Tugar twice and the Jormungar essentially one-shot me with his 90% buff.
    I have 3.05 million health; despite having Unending Resolve up, I took 1.68 million from Sonic Scream (it's only supposed to do 1mill baseline), then 154k and 224k respectively from Fel-Infused Saliva, then the next Sonic Scream one-shotted me.
    I think it's gated by gear. Wasted 4k shards just to find out I can't survive Jormog : /

  5. Congrats and thank you for the tips, it helped me a lot to beat the challenge myself!
    One Question, you wrote "I was third destro lock world wide to get the skin. First server wide.", where can you check this?

  6. This thing is buggy as fuck, on my first 3 attempts i got one hit by T's melee hit, 4th attempt my chaos bolt one hit him straight off the bat and then the encounter was stuck from that…….I don't think chaos bolt is supposed to hit 133m at i888 :')

  7. I tried doing the exact same thing you did but I still keep getting two shot by his melee attacks, any advice on what I need to do to reduce that damage? Or how you didnt even get hit at all?

    Thanks! 😀

  8. Thank you….finally a nice clip of a fellow warlock, showing how it's done 😉 I haven't managed yet, but it's 3 in the morning here, I'll give it few more trys tomorrow^^

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