Wow Legion – How to Pvp Like a Pro From a Pro (not Me)

A bit of Rant about ridiculously useless Pvp advice from a “Pro” with some footage of 3’s arena – MW Monk, Arcane Mage, Demon Hunter. Essentially they recommend you intimately learn the details about your class on Icy Veins and then enter the “friendly” 2vs2 arena LFG. This pro advice is part of an on-going series on MMO Champion, the link of the installment is listed below.


20 thoughts on “Wow Legion – How to Pvp Like a Pro From a Pro (not Me)

  1. Loved this vid man. Some great points. IMO the best way to learn to pvp is level your toon strictly through BGs. Takes a while, but you learn how to use your skills as you get them, learn what to kill, what to avoid ect. When you hit 110 you know your roll, and should have an idea who you want(class-wise) to stomp with in the arenas. Been playing wow sense it was in beta stages and I've learned Guides are neat and all but you cant teach style.

  2. I agree with some points that "guide" is really mediocre but dude… next time upload something else in the background, like pet battles or you farming materials/transmog, something that doesn't make you look like an idiot.
    You are criticizing PvP and you are an incredibly bad player lol… Why are you running like a headless chicken, keyboard turning and backpedaling? wasting cds, gap closers etc :S

  3. Gd vid bro as allways u are so right as a casual 2.2 rated in wod and recently unsub from wow..whenu see arena masters dieing in 10 sec from a random 1.4 rated dh i was to blame beacuse he didnt wanted to pop a cd ..i was on an alt rsham btw ..2s are just aids..20 min fighta or 12 secs..unreal.not to mention as a dps with 2.2 ach and had 1.9 cr they delined me because i didnt had 2k cr..unreal..ppl domt even wanna try out thease days if ur a dps

  4. Rating means shit. Esports are a joke. Unless you're in that "clique" community, you aren't getting anywhere, even if you are, why does it matter? It's all pixels and dickheads trying to ruin your fun at the end of the day.

  5. BTW overall, the most troublesome with this guide is you have to have deep knowledge of the game for it to be any useful

    feels like a guide for 2,4k players on "How to become 2,2k+"

  6. I imagine they don't want to mention anything about defensives cooldown to watch out because it would look something like this:

    Smoke Bomb
    Shadowy Duel
    Cloak of Shadows

    Survival Instinct

    Demonic Circle

  7. Next thing you know Blizzard will start advising players to look both ways before crossing the street. Such an enormous misrepresentation on Blizzard's part or MMO's part, not sure who is more at fault here.

  8. I had to LOL at a lot of those comments you repeated. PvP players are the most cut throat group of people I ever have come across. Unfortunately, I still always only do pvp.

  9. almost did a spit take on the "friendly 2vs2" lol there is a reason I only play randoms. I play to have fun and enjoy myself not to turn it into a job and data mine the perfect spec with all the one shot macros. If thats what you like then by all means go do that but most people just want to relax for a few hours. LMAO Friendly 2vs2s…….

  10. 5:48 actually, if you have a pro ass mofuckin disc priest all ready to precast mass dispell on the paladin, and you trust that disc priest, deffintly disregard the paladins bubble and hammer into him.

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