The Lich King Solo Adventure: Week 1

Thought I’d start off with some solo adventures, up next is a 9 class showdown vs. Trump!
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Music: TheFatRat – Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)


26 thoughts on “The Lich King Solo Adventure: Week 1

  1. i got Rexxar dethknight and sad thing is im a f2p player and i have no hunter cards at all so hes useless to me… i wish they make it so you can chose or give the same one to everyone so you not jelly when some 1 gets a better one 🙁

  2. noobmaz… not having any otk combo in his first deck although he said it himself that he must otk marrowgar…and in the second fight he constantly attacked the minions with his weapons…instead of with his minions and then attacking face….sadly he lucked out and won anyways…could have won 5 turns earlier…noobmaz

  3. Oh shit you get a random DK card after prologue? YES HOLY SHIT I GOT UTHER. And right after I opened the Shaman DK in a pack from arena. Might even start playing again.

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