The Lion’s Pride Inn of Moon Guard [Legion World of Warcraft]

Well, I was told I should check this place out… so I did. The Lion’s Pride Inn on Moon Guard, the US RP server, everyone.

Live and let live!

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47 thoughts on “The Lion’s Pride Inn of Moon Guard [Legion World of Warcraft]

  1. LOL "if i die and someone logs on and sees me there I cant have them thinking thats my thing"
    soupa on his death bed "my dear beloved son, in my last moments of breath i'd like to let you know that I want you to have my world of warcraft account, and so dearly cherish it my son."

  2. Honestly, as someone who plays on Moon Guard (who played on it before it was Moon Guard, before it became memetic) I can bet you probably at least half of those people are trolls coming to Moon Guard because it's, well, Moon Guard. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

  3. I main on moon guard. I actually don't RP or ERP. I do mainly pve content. Moon guard is actually a fun server to be part of. You have to just ignore the stigma of goldshire. Your main problem is it's 7am. You should see it there on a Saturday night, whole new ball game….

  4. Piccolo of the Flaming Fires is now account wide toy. It still drops from Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme. That's all I am going to say about the "content" on this one.

    Edit: Damn it, now the piccolo sounds dirty too!

  5. Oh man if you had been there at night, it would be so packed. There are sometimes so many people in there that they phase in. You went at a rather tame time. Also, if you used the MRP or TRP3 addon, you would've had the whole Goldshire experience in all of its astounding horror. This also only happens this openly on Moon Guard and because of the combination of normal RPers and the Goldshire group, Moon Guard is the largest RP server. The second largest RP server, Wyrmrest Accord, has a normal Goldshire.

  6. Trust me deep cover is when you join the main rp guilds and they have your working for gold as a street walker. They literally hide in main cities now because of people filming them. So they fled to dalaran taverns, they also do stormwind tavern I can't remember where exactly.

  7. Alright. Do us all a favor and download an add-on called " MyRolePlay " and come back there. You'll see why.

    Disclaimer: Not all RPers are involved in stuff like that. And I say that as an RPer. Most of us prefer to avoid interactions like this. Not to mention it's only this severe on MoonGuard. 😛

  8. That expression was priceless. Sadly you didnt go there at the right time. Those wings are druid specific shoulders. First you get a "taste" of moonguard and you take a shower immediatly after haha. Great vid

  9. "I'm not gonna judge."

    Boyyy, this place is beyond judgement… it requires divine retribution at this point…

    Also, probably your best video yet, your innocence getting shattered here, was priceless. I expect more, and be fair, you spent more time after you turned the cam off, didn't you? 😉

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