Kate Bush – Wow – Official Music Video – Version 1

Official music video for the single “Wow” written by British singer Kate Bush.

“Wow” was the second single to be released from Kate Bush’s second album Lionheart. There were 3 different videos made to accompany this single. This is the video for version 1.

The song was released on 9 March 1979 and peaked at number 14 in the UK Singles Chart. The song also appears on Kate’s album The Whole Story.

This song was featured in the 2002 Rockstar North videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as part of the power ballads radio station Emotion 98.3.


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  1. LOL… sorry to go so "deep"… but I never thought about how that second verse is all about gay discrimination in theatre… even though theatre is so gay, lol

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