10 Annoying Things in World of Warcraft…

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World of Warcraft is a big game filled with tons of places to explore, classes to play as, and things to do, and that means that there’s a ton of bugs and problems in the game as well! So, I figured I’d make a video about it. These are 10 things that annoy me in World of Warcraft. Some mild rage inc. Don’t take it too personally, my loves.

Made by, Nixxiom

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27 thoughts on “10 Annoying Things in World of Warcraft…

  1. @Nixxiom I get you with item level… I run Lock and Mage mainly. I'm so tired of getting an item that is a higher level to the one I have equipped. I check the stats…revealing if I replace it..my stats drop. Except for one I don't use
    – 3 intellect
    – 3 stamina
    – 3 Critical strike
    + 3 Versatility

  2. I just feel like saying this you think 10 fps is bad. On my old computer in warlords in my garrison I sometimes had 0 fps. For about ten minutes at a time. On the lowest settings you can have. Everything off or low, no background programs running, and absolutely no add-ons active.

  3. The dinner plate is there to put your food and water on because you are a waiter serving your raid refreshment. Clearly that was the primary inspiration for this mage mount. ARE YOU GLADDDD?

  4. Item levels…. you think Void lodrs will be last vilian? Oh, no its item levels of a long. "899 ivl?! WTF I asked 900+ noob, get out of here you waste of a life! fkng pleb!"

  5. It's funny to see people complain about Suramar after they see the sh.tty requirements for fly, Exalted with Nightfallen, greedy mana addicts etc.. half of them were found of the area when it first came out. this community surely doesn't know how to criticize properly..

  6. Yeah the only reason I don't like Legion is the FPS rate in some of the Legion zones. My PC has a NVIDIA GeForce 770 4GB and a AMD 8 core processor 4.4GHz and I get a shit FPS in some of the Legion zones.

  7. Nixxiom. Lemme just say…

    I'd actually think the mage mount was a shield first if I thought it was related to fantasy. A really cool looking magic shield.

  8. To be honest, I LOVE the mage mount. A small, fragile looking mount that has a back story of being incredibly powerful is a perfect analogy to a mage, a fragile caster who wields incredible powers of the arcane. The class mounts are part of a larger WoW operation to increase the sense of lore in each individual class through the class order hall system. Those are my thoughts on the matter at least, and I main a mage.

  9. the moment when he crys about having 25-30fps and calling it 10fps , while you play with constant 17~fps by having a max of 25fps once in a while when noone is around and there is no fog …. FeelsBadMan

  10. I run around 8 fps normally and like 2-3 fps in populated zones like cities on lowest graphics, because of my potato computer. I WANT TO PLAY WITHOUT CONSTANTLY FREEZING! 😭

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