WoW Legion Live Ret Paladin Discussion

Upload of the Paladin discussion which took place on my Twitch channel earlier today.


11 thoughts on “WoW Legion Live Ret Paladin Discussion

  1. I think one thing about Rets is they have so many multipliers. Our passive, Chain of Thrayn, Crusade, and even our mastery, so any form of external damage increase would mean we would probably profit more from it than the other classes.

  2. Ah I missed this. I wanted to ask why nearly all rets are going Zeal+Liadrin+2p 19. I hate Zeal and dont enjoy Liadrin, am sticking to my cape and TFoJ (well also in my case it sims higher cuz I have high rings).

  3. Our WOD talent tree was solid in hindsight, esp in HFC (Seraphim vs Final Verdict and ES vs Light's Hammer), we have some choice now with DH and BoW.

    Would a good fix for ret be removing retribution and crusade and passively giving us 3 wings like we had in HFC? Makes good game-play choice and compensates for the removal of retribution passive. An important consideration too is the lack of hammer of wrath which impacted our avenging wrath damage back then.

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