Viktor Kee: Live Finale Juggling Act WOW! (FULL) | America’s Got Talent 2016

Full Segment | America’s Got Talent Season 11 | Live Finale| Episode 22


42 thoughts on “Viktor Kee: Live Finale Juggling Act WOW! (FULL) | America’s Got Talent 2016

  1. He has trained from childhood in Russian circus schools as an acrobat, dancer, equilibristic, in magic, and clowning, he's with Circe de Soleil, he's received silver and gold medals in international circus competitions and has performed many super-presitigious venues including the Moulin Rouge, the Mirage and MGM Grand in Vegas….well, he IS incredible, but it's as if Jimi Hendrix had entered a guitar competition with a bunch of high school kids.

  2. Now this I can call talent! unlike that Tape mouth bullshit that looks like a 6th grader came up with those acts, specially when he put that toilet seat around her neck,WTF! why didn't he do it to Simmon? cause he knew he would get screw if he did thats why.This guy is actually entertaining and have skills.

  3. I said the other week he was bit boaring. I like to apologise Victor you have a big heart and your a true artist .
    I hope everything go well in future for you . I know it will

  4. This guy……I dunno. He makes be question whether I would enjoy watching ballet LOL!! (I highly doubt it) I do think I get why people do watch ballet now though. He's dropped a ball in each of his last performances I think…..I think it's so impressive that he improvises and readjusts to his choreography so quickly that it doesn't even really matter. It also shows how difficult it is to do what he is doing. Fucking amazing. I honestly feel that pretty much all of the finalists deserve a cool million dollars. (I actually think they all deserve more actually) I'm not a fan of the mentalists but oh well, that's just a personal taste thing.

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