Kil’jaeden – Tomb of Sargeras – 7.2.5 PTR – FATBOSS

Kil’jaeden is the final boss in the Tomb of Sargeras raid (ToS). ToS is scheduled to be released some point during the current 7.2.5 patch. This video is a preview of the boss, expect an updated guide to be released in the first week of this encounter hitting live servers!

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29 thoughts on “Kil’jaeden – Tomb of Sargeras – 7.2.5 PTR – FATBOSS

  1. The reason the background makes me sick is the green, it's just, not a good looking colour for me :p so if they changed it to purple, and I guess… changed the animation a bit, then I'd be happy, of course, catering to one person is obviously never going to happen

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