World of Warcraft Machinima: Among The Blood Elves Day 7

Last time I’m going to say it. 10th machinima! This is a mesh up of a nature show/drama/documentary/ therapy session for Britty. This is a parody of my point of view on Blood Elves.

Day 7 is Britty’s last day with her Blood Elf guild. This is The Phoenix Lord’s raid day and since Britty is a part of the guild she gets to go and see how Blood Elves “raid.” Let’s just say it isn’t the type of raiding she is used too. Britty has been through a lot in the past 6 days and since it is her last day she decides to tell it like it is to the guild’s face. Watch and see how this all plays out. Enjoy!

Alright! I finished my first series! (Though it was supposed to be one big machinima but I ended up breaking it down since the days were so long) . Told you guys I wasn’t going to cancel it. I hate it when my favorite shows do that to me so why would I want to do that to my own machinimas? This would have been out sooner but since Cataclysm came out I was busy trying to get my main to 85. But after that, I stopped playing WoW for a week to try and get this done before my break ended. My editor did pretty well on this one except I had some problems with the whale shark. I re-did that part about 3 times till I said screw it. It also messed up some of my quality on some scenes and it has some speed problems. But I won’t have to deal with that anymore because I got a new editor in my stocking! Took me a year and a half but I finally got a new one. I know that my mic pops a couple times but I really liked the emotion in that recording so I just left it there. There are also some ups and downs with the volume. I really wanted to make this series go out with a bang so I spent a lot of time on the effects and animations. I was laughing throughout most of this machinima so I hope you guys will too. If I had to pick my favorite days it would be Day 4 and Day 7. Can you guys believe it took me almost 6 months to complete this whole machinima? And due to the popularity of this series I will be making more series. It’s not going to have Blood Elves in it this time. It’s going to have a whole new story line and its going to be in little shorts. But I’m not going to start working on it for a while cause I need a break from series right now. It’s a lot to keep up with and I’m pooped out. So thanks for the support and being patient. -Britty


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