Warcraft Movie to Hit Chinese Screens on June 8

Gamers rejoice! The Evergreen role-playing game “Warcraft ‘ finally center stage on the silver screen in Chinese theaters on June 8, two days earlier than the North American release.

The epic fantasy movie, directed by Duncan Jones, follows the storyline of the game, telling a story of fighters from different types of fighting off attackers in their home.

Actor Daniel Wu, actress Paula Patton and Director Duncan Jones attended a press conference for their new movie in Beijing on Wednesday.

An orc warlock Gul’dan, mark, plays Wu, a heartthrob to numerous Chinese female fans, in the film. He said he found on the mark–with the consent of his wife.

“I told my wife that someone asked me to star in an American film. They complained, ‘ you promised me to rest for a year with our baby. ‘ But when I told her that there is ‘ Warcraft ‘, she said cheerfully “do. Do, ‘ “said Wu.

Wu expressed that he was looking for a breakthrough role for its typecast as a handsome man on the big screen.

“Other people have to come three or four hours ahead to put on make up time. This makes me happy because I only need 20 minutes, “said Wu.

The date of the Chinese screening roughly coincides with the upcoming holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, which will last from June 9 to 11.

Usually his Hollywood blockbusters released in China than in its own market, but based on last year’s stunning box office–the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2015 raked in 600 million yuan (USD 92.3 million), up 42 percent from the same period a year before–it makes sense to understand that China’s fast-growing market can be an important factor in setting the release dates.
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