Evylyn – 5.4 Subtlety & Assassination Rogue Spec Rotation macros WOW MOP Patch 5.4 Rogue PVP guide

hey guys I have promising to make this vid since 2 weeks ago and I thought it was time I worked with a new 5.4 rogue-Guide to help you guys, so hope you guys enjoy the vid:)

TGN-http://www.tgn.tv Partner with TGN-http://tgn.tv/partners/Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/Evylynwow Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Evylynwow Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/Evylynwow http://www.youtube.com/ElduCraft http://www.warcraftmovies.com/pv.php?l=Evylyn Eldu-WCM-music by: Dj-Zenith Saint Petersburg-http://www.youtube.com/djzenitswe Songs:-Andraes-B-http://www.youtube.com/ASBsounds Songs:-River’s heart, a beautiful world, body and soul, the essence of life, four (((focus macros)))/focus/focus/focus #showtooltip Blind/cast Arena3 Arena2 Arena1 [@focus]/cast [@focus] #showtooltip Blind disassemble disassemble #showtooltip/cast [@focus] Kick Kick/cancelaura of hand protection #showtooltip/cast [@focus]/cast Redirect Gouge Guts #showtooltip Kick kick/cast Kick/cancelaura macro by hand protection/cast Shadowmeld macro Redirect sign disappear #showtooltip/cast/cast Stealth ambush Shadowmeld macro #showtooltip ambush/cast premeditation/cast ambush cheap shot macro #showtooltip cheap shot/cast premeditation/expose Armor cast expose armor cheap shot macro #showtooltip/cleartarget/cast/stopattack [target=mouseover] expose armor/stop attack garrote macro #showtooltip/cast/cast Garrote premeditation Garrote 1 button click macro/castsequence #showtooltip shadow blades reset = 14 premeditation , Slice and Dice, Garrote, ambush, cheap shot, 14, shadow dance, Eviscerate, marked for death, Eviscerate, Eviscerate, ambush recuperate/cast macro #showtooltip recover recuperate use life/spirit/#showtooltip Sap/targetenemy use Sap sap macros Healthstone/cast/cleartarget/targetenemyplayer/cast [stance:1/3, harm, nodead] #showtooltip Sap Sap shadow #showtooltip shadow/cast shadow/cast knives knives knives subtlety Shadow Dance/use tyrannical Gladiator the Badge of conquest/use lifeblood (Rank 9)/cast Redirect shadow dance Dance/cast #showtooltip Shadow/cast Shadow premeditation macro Dance/use the tyrannical Gladiator Badge for Conquest shadow #showtooltip shadow knives/throwing knives murder on shadow knives/redirect Vendetta macro cast/cast Vendetta/using tyrannical Gladiator the Badge of conquest/lifeblood (rank 9) use/cast marked for death #showtooltip macro tricks of the trade tricks of the trade/target/targetlasttarget playernamehere/cast tricks of the trade


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