3 Chest Speedrun – Arcway Mythic Keystone +4 Sanguine Affix – WoW Legion Guide

blood DK Death Knight Legion Keystone Run-3 breast Arcway Speedrun-mythical Keystone + 4 Sanguine brings many guide-WoW. Blood Death Knight DK Tank POV. Wow its Patch 7.0.3 Item levels in this video between 855-872 that this group a bit excessive for this particular keystone difficulty, so we focused at 3 chests more comfortable.

The Addon in the video that shows how much time for the 3 Chests, 2 boxes, or 1 breast, as well as the other information is called MythicPlusTimer.
Link: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/mythicplustimer music: 2:02 WoW 0:00 WoW-Legion-Laila Demon-WoD-Wolf at the Gates 13:16 WoW 4:45 WoW-Westfall music-Legion-Anduin by theme 20:85 WoW 23:25 WoW-WloD-call of the Warrior-Legion-Khadgar Plan


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