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Nikola Tesla Secret Download Review – Is it a Scam?

Bill Beaty tackles the issue of the various scams which exist on the internet today. In the article entitled Free Energy Devices, he zeroes in on free energy research.

He says that there really are free energy devices in the market today which are genuine articles. By using the techniques that such researches propose, you can save on your energy costs.

The trouble lies in the fact that there are devices in the market today which are simply the product of the creator’s imagination. Nonetheless, these products are being passed on as the real thing. Moreover, a great deal of publicity is drummed up to get you to notice these products. The so-called scam artists do not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to advertise their products. The thinking is that they get to get their money back if you take the bait.

So be judicious about such products. It is a reality that we are spending too much on our electricity bills. And many of us are actively looking around for ways and means to cut down on this particular necessary expense.. As it is, we are ready for the bait. We are ripe for the picking. We are the very people that scam artists are looking for.

Be that as it may, there may be legitimate ways to cut down on our energy. The main thing is to keep our eyes open. Be wary. When you decide on a product, do your research conscientiously so that you get to weed out the scam from the genuine. If you are called on to invest on a dealership, hold back. If you are invited to finance something, think twice. If someone wants you to hand them the money first before they extend reasonable proof that what they are selling really works, the probability is that they are only pulling your leg.

The Nikola Tesla Secret Download which claims to help you get solar energy for free is one product which needs to be judged as to whether or not it works as it says it does. It works on the premise that you can latch on a free supply of energy to give you sufficient energy, and even more to spare, for all your power requirements at home.

The claim is based on a ninety or so year secret plan originally proposed by Nikola Tesla, the great “electricity” scientist. Tesla saw the sun as a massive ball of electricity – a haylen-in of unspeakably colossal solar energy. He believes that it is positively-charged with a capacity of 200 billion or so volts of energy.

He also believes that the earth is likewise enormously charged – the difference being that the earth is charged with negative electricity. Thus, there exists an incredibly massive amount of electrical force between the sun and the earth. Part of this force is what is referred to as cosmic energy. This power of this energy always changes. It varies from night to day. It alters with the change of seasons. But the power is always there.

The positive particles stay up in the ionosphere. Caught in the middle of these positive particles and the negative charges on the ground is tremendous power. The air acts to insulate the earth by keeping the positive and negative particles separate.

The Nikola Tesla Secret Download says that this enormous haylen-in of energy surrounding the earth can be tapped by us, for free, to meet all our power requirements.

This seems too difficult to believe at the onset. This seems to fit right in with what Bill Beaty says about scam energy devices.

On the other hand, think about how much money you can save if this is proven right! A huge majority of Tesla clients is said to be happy with the results of their taking a look into the secret. A measly 5% has found that the product does not work and have had their money refunded.

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