All Race Character Models – MISTS OF PANDARIA BETA FOOTAGE [WoW: MoP]

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In this video, I run through each model as it’s currently implemented in the Mists of Pandaria beta to let you know what looks different!

Officially, Blizzard mentioned no new race models made it into the beta thus far. They have the Dwarves revamped, but don’t intend on releasing them presently.

For the race / class previews, each character gets displayed in its tier garb. If a class has a special secondary feature (Shaman totems, Hunter pets), it’d displayed alongside the character model.

All classes, genders, and races are displayed in this video to let you analyze if any model changes were implemented in the beta.

Who knows, something might’ve snuck through.

Intro Video by Rasmus (Divinityyl):


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