The Icy Cave at the Franz Josef Glacier

The Icy Cave at the Franz Josef Glacier

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Daily Photo – the Icy cave on the Franz Josef Glacier, I have so far had a great time in New Zealand. I am here for about a month with my family. On a recent evening went my 8-year-old son and I on a fair walk to the base of the Franz Josef Glacier on toward the west coast of the southern island. As soon as we got close to, we could see the icy Blue Grotto where a glacial-White River. Awesome! My son looked at me and said, “Wow. I feel like we just Atlantis discovered! ”

We stayed in truth, far too late. This was a good 1.5 km of the car, and it was pretty dark. By the time we got back to, it was completely dark except for the Moonlight that helped to guide us home. I had a flashlight hanging from my camera “just in case”, but, as is the case, the flashlight fell into the glacial river!

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