27 More New Legendaries in 7.2.5 – WoW Legion

27 more legendaries just got added to 7.2.5, giving us 46 total. If you would like to see the other 19 I’ve covered already watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEAwOXn0NhA Class Rings: 0:51 Druid 1:22 Hunter 1:49 Demon Hunter 2:02 Rogue 2:25 Mage 2:52 Priest 3:01 Warlock 3:15 Monk 3:24 Shaman 3:46 Paladin 4:06 Warrior 4:37 Death […]

The State of PvP Balance for World of Warcraft Legion – May ’17

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Even deserts are beautiful. __ When you start to see beauty where before you onl…

Even deserts are beautiful. __ When you start to see beauty where before you only saw nothingness that’s when you begin to live. __ Start by seeing beauty withIN you even in the dark places….only you can turn on the light there. __ Photo by Chris Burkard White Sands NM __ #withINology #startwithIN #love #beauty […]

The Way of the Huojin – World of Warcraft Quests ( WOW )

World Of Warcraft 7.2.0 Legion Mists of Pandaria Blizzard Entertainment Kill 8 Fe-Feng attackers. Fe-Feng attackers slain (8) Relevant Locations The entirety of this quest happens in The Wandering Isle. Description We call those vicious monkeys swinging into town hozen. They keep to themselves normally, but they know something bad is coming, so they’re here […]